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Keylogging Ontology

File Conventions

Standard Views

Standard DITA document format of Concepts, Reference, and Tasks topics.
Non-DITA document format - dropdown dialog boxes, to reduce the complexity and length of some topics.

Ontological Concepts

Relatedness:  Links to related topics are located at the bottom of each page.
Hierarchy:  Scope and Context labels are used to organize terms and subterms, types and subtypes.


Context is an ontological subset of Scope. These labels may be used together or singly; one does not require the other. A term that has Scope in one instance may be classified as Context in another instance or topic, but not in the same instance or topic.


Notation Description
Scope: Endpoint Security, Malware The label in bold with term in italics, indicates a description limited in scope to 'Endpoint Security, Malware'.
Context: MobileTrust The label in bold with term in italics, indicates a description limited in context to MobileTrust within the scope of 'Endpoint Security, Malware'.
Within the Kadix Keylogging Ontology, Scope is non-proprietary, and Context is proprietary.

Grammatical Notation

Notation Description
Some syntax and comments have a burgundy font and a distinctive notation.

Syntax on left side ≈ comment on right side in lower case italics ≈ web resource identified as /wiki/Main_Page represented as an HTML web page, and obtained from an internet host with domain name
» Click on a sentence or phrase ending with » to make a dropdown dialog box appear.
Documentation source titles that are not linked to original documents, are enclosed in single quotes. E.g. MobileTrust: FAQs contains information based on the 'MobileTrust Whitepaper' and 'ProtectID Whitepaper' by Strikeforce Technologies, with minor changes for non-technical viewers.

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