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MobileTrust Overview

MobileTrust, developed by Strikeforce Technologies, is a security app for Google/Android and Apple/IOS mobile devices.


MobileTrust's main feature is the Secure Keyboard and its ability to prevent keylogging. Its keystroke encryption technology is patent protected and not found in other mobile apps.  See Related Information: Patent US8566608 B2

Secure Keyboard
The MobileTrust - Secure Keyboard encrypts keystrokes before they can be keylogged, and then de-crypts them once they reach their destination in an app or online application.

A Secure Keyboard label is visible on the mobile device keyboard as keystrokes are being encrypted. When the Secure Keyboard label is not visible, keystrokes are not being encrypted.

Figure 1. Secure Keyboard

After MobileTrust is installed in Google/Android and Apple/IOS mobile devices, the MobileTrust - Secure Keyboard can be configured in the Settings App in both environments to be the default keyboard.

Additional Features

MobileTrust has additional features that are not part of the Kadix Solution to prevent keylogging, but are important in terms of overall security and are described below:

Secure Browser
The Secure Browser is designed to prevent malware/adware/spyware extensions, and to provide secure online access including login to financial sites. It includes the Secure Keyboard.

Password Generator
The Password Generator creates strong passwords based on user preferences and stores them in the secure Password Vault.

Password Manager
Use the Password Manager to create and store login credentials in an encrypted database for websites, networks, and cloud services. Then select 'Launch the web page' from the Password Manager to securely login without having to recall your username and password.

One-Time Password (OTP) Generator
The One-Time Password (OTP) Generator is used for Two-Factor Authentication when logging into a website, network, or cloud service. Mobile Trust has branded the One-Time Password Generator as 'One-Time Passwords'.

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