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Password Vault: Usage

Use the Password Vault to create and store login credentials in an encrypted database for websites, networks, and cloud services. Then select 'LAUNCH THE WEB PAGE' from the Password Vault to securely login without having to recall your username and password.

Step by Step Procedure

1. New Entry » Tap on New Entry in the Password Vault to go to the next screen and enter login details for a specific site.
Figure A. New Entry.
   Figure A. New Entry.

2. Create Web Site Name » Enter the web site name as a Field Value. The name can be any identifying term that you choose. It is not the link or URL to launch the web page.
Figure B. Enter the web site name.

   Figure B. Web site name

3. Create Other Field Names » User name:
Enter the login - username for the web site in Field Value column, eg.

Enter the login - password in Field Value field.

Enter the complete URL for the web site or web page, eg.

Custom Fields:
Add more fields if needed. Tap Click to Add to create new custom fields. Enter a name in Field Name field and a value in the Field Value field. Figure C. Custom Field.
   Figure C. Custom field

4. Launch the Web Page » Follow the substeps below, to access a web page with login credentials stored in the Password Vault.
a. Tap Search the Password Vault or tap a web site name to go to the PASSWORD VAULT DETAILS for that site.
b. Tap the OFF button beside Show Password to show the password. Then tap the password (now in clear text) to copy it.

Note: It is possible to also copy/paste the username, but not practical. Most secure sites will allow the user to save usernames. We do not recommend saving passwords in web sites. It is bad practice.

Figure D: Show Password.

   Figure D. Show the password

c. Tap LAUNCH THE WEB PAGE (will automatically switch Show Password to OFF) to access the login page for the web site.
d. Paste the password into the password field of the login page, and then sign in.

5. Edit Password Vault » To edit without deleting a listed entry, tap the entry and then tap the arrows or arrow heads to edit the adjoining fields.
Figure E. Password Vault Edit.

   Figure E. Password vault edit

6. Delete Password Vault » To delete an entry, tap the Edit button in the upper right corner of the Password Vault, then tap any of the listed entries. On the next screen, a message will state, 'Are you sure you want to delete?'

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