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Keylogging Ontology

The Kadix Keylogging Ontology is a relational knowledge base in a 'Knowledge Management (KM)' format.   Concepts, reference, and task topics related to the problem of keylogging in mobile devices are documented and concluded with generic and specific Solutions[1] .

Knowledge Management is the process of finding, developing, and sharing of information until it becomes 'common knowledge'.   Knowledge Management within a business is ..."the coordination and exploitation of organizational knowledge resources, in order to create benefit and competitive advantage". [Drucker, 1999]

  • Concepts

    Ideas, abstractions of topics, and units of thought or knowledge. These topics contain mainly generic information related to endpoint security and keylogging in mobile devices
  • Reference

    Quick access to information, and typically consist of a term and a concise description. Some of these topics contain specific product information
  • Tasks

    Step-by-step procedures that detail what to do and the order in which to do them

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